Exterior Corner Cap
  • Exterior Corner Cap
  • Exterior Corner Cap
  • Exterior Corner Cap
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Exterior Corner Cap

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Exterior corner cap available in all the colours of the colour chart

White White
Ivory Ivory
Pinkish white Pinkish white
Havana Havana
Cracked white Cracked white
Cloud Cloud
Mouse Mouse
Celadon Celadon
Petrol Petrol
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm
Black Black
Mirror Black Mirror Black
Mother of pearl Mother of pearl
Metal Metal
Silver Silver
Bronze Bronze
Straw Straw
Buttercup Buttercup
Mandarin Mandarin
Apricot Apricot
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Cracker Cracker
Poppy Poppy
Raspberry Raspberry
Old rose Old rose
Ballerine Ballerine
Rose water Rose water
Mauve Mauve
Lilac Lilac
Azure Azure
Turquoise Turquoise
Lagoon Lagoon
Arctic Arctic
Bobleu Bobleu
Midnight blue Midnight blue
Bluey Bluey
Meadow Meadow
Chlorophyl Chlorophyl
Anisette Anisette
Vegetable garden Vegetable garden
Olive Olive
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus
Hazelnut Hazelnut
Sand Sand

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Specific References

Size Thickness
5 x 5 x 5 cm 1.2 cm

  • Simple to install, easy to maintain, very resistant
  • Can be applied on all surfaces
  • Adhesive application
  • Products in stock - Shipping within 48 h

Discover our entire range of kitchen and bathroom ceramic tiles.

It’s often the finishing details that bring that little extra to your floor or wall coverings. Here at the Terres Cuites de Raujolles, we like to take care of the details, and we supply special elements which will provide the ideal solution for your tiling installation.

In our range of finishing elements, you will find a huge variety of pieces which will enable you to find a technical and attractive solution to your tiling job. Their special shape will ensure that you have protection on the edges and corners, separation between different materials or superior finishing to wall tiling. All our accessories maintain the same aesthetically pleasing line as our kitchen and bathroom tiles and the same colour range for perfect harmony.

Exterior Corner Cap