Outdoor terracotta tile

Outdoor terracotta tile

Using terracotta for outdoor tiling will add charm and authenticity to your terrace, patio or pool deck.

Whatever your need may be, the Terres Cuites de Raujolles produce state of the art floor tiles using ancestral techniques. Outdoor terracotta floor tiles will retain the heat of the day that they will continue to diffuse until late at night. Even when they are wet, your terracotta tiles for a pool surround will be anti-slip.

The thickness of the tiles adds to their resistance to time and the stability of the ground while protecting them from ageing. With the passing of time their patina adds to the beauty of the terracotta.

The Terres Cuites de Raujolles offer a vast choice of colours for their ranges of outdoor tiles. With a choice of sand-coloured, red, pink or brown sienna, our terracotta outdoor tiles will harmonise perfectly with your setting and add an original and authentic touch.