Handmade kitchen ceramic tile

Handmade kitchen ceramic tile

The Terres Cuites de Raujolles produce and sell plain and patterned ceramic tiles for kitchens.

Individuals, architects and professional decorators can choose between over 28 ranges of ceramic tiles for kitchens. Our palette of kitchen wall tiles reflects the latest trends in decoration.

Our kitchen ceramic tiles are moulded and decorated by hand in our workshop. Our terracotta tiles are ideal for a counter top in a kitchen. Our tiles measure 10,5 x 10,5 x 1,2 cm but we can produce other sizes in answer to the needs of our customers.

We also produce all the finishing pieces such as border tiles, trims, mosaics, half-tiles, etc. in a range of colours to match the kitchen ceramics you have chosen. 

Famed for its production of kitchen ceramic tiles using traditional methods, the Terres Cuites de Raujolles offer their customers a wide range of shapes and sizes and also of colours to suit their needs.

For any specific order for kitchen wall tiles we can make tailor-made pieces in the different shapes and styles required.

The people we have worked for are witness to our experience and know-how. Our products are sold all over France and the world.