Brick Paving

Brick Paving

Brick pavers are one of the most attractive and distinctive materials for hardscaping and landscape design. They are used for walkways, patios, pool decks, driveways, and as edging. Brick paving is very popular with both landscaping contractors and the do it yourself homeowner, combining an easy installation with a bold landscaping statement.

Bricks are a long lasting solution in any application and landscaping is no exception. With the proper care, brick pavers will provide a long service life in any landscaping design.

They come in a number of patterns each with their own style and aesthetic appeal as well as specialized application. They can be used to match both traditional and modern homes.

The running bond is the most common example of brick paving pattern. Bricks are laid side by side with an offset. This layout is the same as seen on most brick buildings and goes well with traditional buildings and landscape designs. The running bond pattern is commonly used for walkways as well.