Pore-sealer for terracotta
  • Pore-sealer for terracotta
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Pore-sealer for terracotta

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Specific References

  • Silicone-free and odourless
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Coverage : 1 liter for 2.5 m² approximately
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Our pore-sealer, which can be applied simply with a sprayer, creates an invisible barrier against liquid and greasy stains (oil, water, grease, drinks, cleaning fluids...). Once this has been applied, use our terracotta wax as a finishing coat.

The pore-sealer or waterproofing agent that we have specially chosen will provide your terracotta and tomette tiles with lasting protection from all sorts of stains, while allowing them to breathe, yet without changing their colour or aspect.

It is ready-to-use and should be applied to clean, dry surfaces, without thin cement residue. The pore-sealer may then be applied after cleaning your terracotta tiles with our stripper. It is suitable for all terracotta surfaces (tomette, brick, facing brick...) both vertical and horizontal.

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Pore-sealer for terracotta