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Glazed Flat Roof Tile

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Available upon request in all colours from the colour chart
Minimum order 100 roof tiles

White White
Ivory Ivory
Pinkish white Pinkish white
Havana Havana
Cloud Cloud
Mouse Mouse
Celadon Celadon
Petrol Petrol
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm
Black Black
Mirror Black Mirror Black
Mother of pearl Mother of pearl
Metal Metal
Silver Silver
Bronze Bronze
Straw Straw
Buttercup Buttercup
Mandarin Mandarin
Apricot Apricot
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Cracker Cracker
Poppy Poppy
Raspberry Raspberry
Old rose Old rose
Ballerine Ballerine
Rose water Rose water
Mauve Mauve
Lilac Lilac
Ramatuelle Ramatuelle
Azure Azure
Turquoise Turquoise
Lagoon Lagoon
Arctic Arctic
Bobleu Bobleu
Midnight blue Midnight blue
Bluey Bluey
Meadow Meadow
Chlorophyl Chlorophyl
Anisette Anisette
Vegetable garden Vegetable garden
Olive Olive
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus
Hazelnut Hazelnut
Sand Sand
Roussillon Roussillon
Chocolate Chocolate

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Dimensions Weight
Units / m²
17 x 27 cm 1.2 kg 59

  • Available upon request in all colours from the colour chart
  • Frost resistant
  • Imperishable
  • Anti-moss

Use :

  • Roof
  • Pool house roof
  • Dovecote, bell tower
  • Cladding (for walls)

Private homeowners will enjoy our wide range of colours available upon request, allowing all kinds of realisations for their exterior decoration.

The glazed flat roof tile is a type of tile designed for steeply-sloping roofs (45 % or more). To guarantee the roof is waterproof, each row of tiles overlaps the row below. This roof tile is available in a wide range of colours to satisfy local requirements for both new roofing and renovation.

Architects particulary appreciate glazed flat roof tiles for contemporary facades. "L’île bleue", a childcare centre in the French town of Ramatuelle, is a magnificent illustration of this new architecture.

Glazed Flat Roof Tile
Glazed Flat Roof Tile
Glazed Flat Roof Tile