Pink Sand Pre-aged Tuileau
  • Pink Sand Pre-aged Tuileau
  • Pink Sand Pre-aged Tuileau
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Pink Sand Pre-aged Tuileau

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Highly variable flatness for an uneven appearance


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Specific References

Size Thickness Weight
Units / m²
2.2 x 22 cm 3 cm 300 g 160

Use :

  • Interior / exterior
  • Wall decoration
  • Firewall protection behind a stove
  • Fireplace interior
  • Woodburner exterior decoration
  • Bar / kitchen splashboard decoration
  • Headboard decoration

Application :

  • All surfaces
  • With or without grout

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The facing bricks will enable you to personalise your living room, bedroom or kitchen splashboard. Terracotta facing bricks are naturally insulating and provide efficient protection from heat and fire. When applied to the wall behind your woodburner, they provide the security required for your interior while at the same time restituting the heat into your room thanks to their inertia.

With a range of red, light and dark bricks, it’s easy to choose the right tone for decorating your interior. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, you will be able to combine several colours. Facing bricks adhere easily to all surfaces and a groutless tiling application will be a real time-saver.

Pink Sand Pre-aged Tuileau
Pink Sand Pre-aged Tuileau
Pink Sand Pre-aged Tuileau