About us

A family business

Fired by the same passion since 1830 !

The Rivière family has seen Sylvain and Eugénie, Aurélien and Yvonne, Claude and Maryse and today Patrice. The family brickworks has come a long way since 1830 !

Each has added the innovations of the time and contributed the energy and rigour needed for the evolution of our production. Situated close to the largest production site of Roman ceramics in antiquity, the company follows in the footsteps of 2000 years of history, a witness that only the association of beauty and quality are capable of traversing the ages. Today floor tiles and plain or decorated glazed wall tiles have been added to the age-old knowledge of brick and roof-tile manufacture. The love of a job well-done has never died and Les Terres Cuites de Raujolles are proud to have worked on projects concerning religious buildings, historic monuments and houses of character both at home and abroad.

Les Terres cuites de Raujolles is a true heritage, a culture fired by the spirit of quality craftmanship handed down over the generations.

   Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - The excellence of French craftmanship


Nature for its talent ...

It was not by chance that the Romans set up here one of the largest centres of pottery-making in the empire.

The slopes of the Larzac hold an abundant source of red schistose clay and yellowish limestone.

This natural, pure, fine and supple raw material becomes a source of inspiration in the hands of those who work it.

... Men for their knowledge.

The production line followed by the clay is like an initiatory path leading to the revelation of its potential.

Transformed and worked following traditional methods the clay takes on numerous aspects-bricks, roof tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, all produced in quantity.

The firing is the key moment of this long process ; in the hands of master craftsmen it produces the natural tones that are specific to Les Terres Cuites de Raujolles.

Rigour and Excellence

Rigourous creativity and permanent research

Rediscovery and development of the patina of the past that time has embellished. Creation of new tones and designs to suit contempory taste.A balance between innovation and tradition.

Respect for the original flooring of a historic monument.

The requirements are legion and only the work of a true craftsman can satisfy such precise demands.

The motto : excellence

Whether standard or made to order the products of Les Terres Cuites de Raujolles offer a mosaic of creativity to satisfy both conservative or more individual tastes.

Our excellence lies in our capacity to create unique tiles for all decorative styles.

Checked and examined in detail each product corresponds to your request. Therein lies the secret of Les Terres Cuites de Raujolles ; a difference that is not immediately visible but that makes all the difference.

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