TERRES CUITES DE RAUJOLLES delivers to its customers in France and abroad.

You will find the cost of delivery on the summary after confirmation of your order. It will depend on the delivery address you have provided and the quantity of goods ordered.
In order to better satisfy our customers Terres Cuites de Raujolles requests that customers indicate clearly the problems that could occur for delivery when access to the destination is problematic ( mountain pass, narrow street, cul de sac, pedestrian zone, areas undergoing roadworks and roads without access for vehicles over 3t5). If this is not pre-stated Terres Cuites de Raujolles reserves the right to make a later delivery with the possibility of extra costs for the customer.

Delivery prices' examples


Ceramics samples : 9.90€

2sqm of ceramics : 69.46€

5sqm of ceramics : 85.50€

25sqm of terra cotta tiles : 561.65€

12 floor fire-brick : 93.41€

5L wax for terra cotta tiles : 27.90€

Delivery prices change according to departments and countries.

Delivery time :

After receiving the order and the customer’s payment the order is sent off in 48 hours (1 week for basins), depending on the transporter’s schedule and the delivery address. The transporter does not deliver upstairs or inside a home or office. The order will be handed over outside or in front of the given address in exchange for a signature on the delivery slip.
The transporter does not deliver to places that are difficult to access (mountain pass, narrow street, cul de sac, pedestrian zones, areas undergoing roadworks and roads without access for vehicles over 3t5) Terres Cuites de Raujolles reserves the right to add extra costs in such cases.
This delivery time is purely an indication as it will depend on our stock and the transporter’s schedule. If a delay is to be expected Terres Cuites de Raujolles promises to inform the customer as soon as possible by telephone or email.
In a case of absolute necessity or any situation for which the transporter is responsible Terres Cuites de Raujolles cannot be held responsible for any delay that is beyond their control and not previously planned with the customer.
Terres Cuites de Raujolles cannot be held resposible for a lengthy delay in delivery and the Customer will not be able to claim damages for himself or a third party.

If the delivery time goes beyond that previously announced by over10 weeks the customer can cancel his order by registered letter with receiver’s signature sent to the following address :
4 rue de la Tuilerie

If the cancellation letter arrives at TERRES CUITES DE RAUJOLLES after the order has been sent off or delivered the cancellation will be considered invalid by TERRES CUITES DE RAUJOLLES. Otherwise TERRES CUITES DE RAUJOLLES has 30 days to reimburse the customer.
For delivery the customer must provide with his order all the information required for delivery, particularly a contact telephone number for fixing a delivery time. By placing an order the customer agrees to receive his order at the given address. If required by the transporter the customer may be asked to show proof of his identity to receive the order

Procedure for delivery/reception of goods :

On receiving the goods the customer should be careful to check attentively the contents of the package(s) in the presence of the transporter before signing the delivery slip. If damage is found (breakage, damage, error of order) the customer must refuse the package and write clearly on the delivery slip the reason(s) for this refusal. If no reason is given we will consider that the goods were as ordered and in good condition.

If the delivery is to a building site this must be easily accessible for the transporter without danger or risks. On delivery the customer must check the state of the goods, he or she is the only person qualified to express disagreement to the transporter.
In the case of impossibility to deliver (absence of the customer at the fixed time, non reception of goods after a delivery notice ) extra costs may be entailed for the customer.