Products for treating Tomettes and Terracotta floor tiles

Terres Cuites de Raujolles also offer a range of professional standard products made in France that you can use for your tomettes and tiles to lay, renovate, protect, polish and keep them clean both indoors and outdoors.

The special terracotta scrub is highly recommended to remove the milky aspect after laying. It will give the very best results.

The sealant or waterproofer will lastingly protect your terracotta tiles and tomettes  from all types of stains while allowing them to breathe without modifying their colour.

The clear natural beeswax nourishes and protects your terracotta tiles against stains and facilitates cleaning.

The linseed oil liquid soap is for regular upkeep of your terracotta tiles. It will clean and nourish while adding a fine patina over time.

If you want to renovate your tomettes we recommend you use a cleaner to totally scour the terracotta.

Terres Cuites de Raujolles also offer a complete range of specialised products to  facilitate the laying of your tomettes and terracotta tiles.